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Power Outlets

Listed below are power outlets of different size’s and configurations. Please use these to ensure you order the correct type of power supply.

There are many more types around the world if you have something not listed below contact us for more information.

Single phase 230V supplies (Commercial)
5/10 amp 15 amp
 10amp Outlet  15amp Outlet
20 amp 25 amp
 20amp Outlet  25amp Outlet
30 amp
32amp Outlet
Single phase 230V supplies (Industrial)
16 amp CEE form 30 amp
16amp 1ph ceeform outlet 32amp 1ph industrial outlet
Three phase 400V supplies (Industrial with neutral)
10/15 amp Clipsal 56 series 20 amp Clipsal 56 series
 20amp 3ph outlet  20amp 3ph outlet
32/40 amp Clipsal 56 series 50 amp Clipsal 56 series
 32amp 3ph outlet  50amp 3ph outlet
63 amp CEE form 125 amp CEE form
 63amp 3ph ceeform outlet  63amp 3ph ceeform outlet
200/400 amp Powerlocks  Switchboard Six Circuit
powerlocks outlets 6cct switchboard